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Why have an Inspection?  To minimize the chance that significant problems exist that may affect your purchase decision. This is also an excellent opportunity to “meet” your home through the eyes of an inspector. The inspection will help you understand how significant any issues are, when or if they need to be corrected, and the costs associated with them.

What does the Inspection cover?  The major systems of the home are reviewed (roof, exterior, structure, electrical, heating and cooling, plumbing, insulation, and interior).  The inspection typically starts outside and then moves through all accessible areas of the home, from crawlspaces and basements to attics.

Do you have a thermal imaging (infrared) camera?  Yes.  Basic imaging of key areas of the home is included with your inspection. If you’re interested in expanding the scope, please ask for more information when booking.  Further information is also located in the Thermal Imaging section.


$475 and up – single family home (increases with size and age)

$395 and up – condo townhouse (increases with size and age)

$349 and up – condo apartment/loft (increases with size and age)

Multiplex – contact for quote, generally $575 and up

Commercial (light) / Mixed use:  $659 and up

$299 and up – extra fee for expanded use of thermal imaging camera during inspection


What are the inspector’s qualifications?  Numerous! Click here for more…

What standards does the inspection meet?  The inspection is completed to the Standards of Practice of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI).  The CAHPI Code of Ethics is also followed.

How long will it take?  Typically 1-1/2 to 3 hours depending on size and age.

Is it normal for a home to have problems?  Yes!  There is no such thing as a perfect home – especially if the home is older you should expect to find some items that need correction or some systems that are aging.

What does the report contain? An inspection report is generated which summarizes all of the inspection’s findings.  Each deficiency is explained and repair/replacement costs and times are provided which allow you to prioritize and budget.  The report is filled with digital pictures and is extremely easy to read and understand – view a sample.

When do I get the report? The full report will be ready the same day, often within a few hours of the inspection – a link to a PDF file will be sent via email.  Electronic reports are convenient and environmentally friendly!

What if my home inspection condition expires the day of the inspection? A summary page will be provided immediately at the end of the inspection that outlines any major findings.  If timing is tight, please indicate that when booking – the report can be expedited, schedule permitting.

My insurance company is asking questions – can you help me? Yes – you will be provided with a Green Trust Home Insurance Summary sheet at the end of your inspection that should answer most of your insurance company’s questions.


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