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Why have an Inspection? The goal is to highlight any deficiencies in the home before any offers are made, especially more significant ones that a buyer could use to adjust the price or walk away from an offer after an inspection. The more information available to you about the condition of your home the better. You can then choose to remedy or disclose the items prior to listing your home.

What do you Inspect? The house is inspected in the exact way it would as if it was being inspected for a potential buyer.  This inspection is a review of all the major systems in a home. (If you want a less costly, simplified approach, then consider a Pre-Sale Consultation)

Do you use thermal imaging (infrared)? Yes, basic thermal imaging is included, just like in a Buyer’s inspection.  Click to learn more about thermal imaging.



$449 and up (increases with size and age)

$299 and up – “walk-through inspection” – if the home has already had a Pre-Sale inspection by Green Trust Services, and a buyer wants to review the report’s findings at the home with the same inspector, they can choose this option and become a direct client of Green Trust Services.


Can you really tell me things about my house that I don’t know? At minimum any issues of which you are already aware can be confirmed and advice can be provided about how to deal with these issues.  Home owners often don’t recognize items that will become issues for buyers; this may be because “it’s always been that way” or due to changes in the home insurance industry.  There’s often difficult to access areas in the home that may not have been examined for some time such as attics, roofs, and crawlspaces.

What are some issues that I may be unaware of?  Some examples of issues that may concern buyers are:

• moisture issues, such as roof, foundation, or plumbing leaks

• older plumbing in your house, such as galvanized steel water pipes (insurance issue) and cast iron drain pipes

• electrical items,such as small electrical service size (less than 100 amps), knob and tube wiring, or aluminum wiring (all insurance issues)

• problems in areas of your home that you don’t regularly see, such as roofs, crawlspaces and attics

What does the report contain? An inspection report is generated which summarizes all of the inspection’s findings.  Each deficiency is explained; repair/replacement costs and times are provided which allow you to prioritize and budget.  The report is filled with digital pictures and is extremely easy to read and understand.

When do I get the report? It is ready the same day, often within a few hours of the inspection.  100% electronic reports – convenient and environmentally friendly!

Do I need to show anyone the report? That is up to you – the report is entirely your property.  A favourable report can be shown to prospective buyers and can help sell your house, especially when it is from a respected and recognized inspector.


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