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Why have a Consultation? The seller benefits from having an experienced inspector look through the house while keeping the time, and thus cost to a minimum. Similar to a Pre-Sale Inspection, however it is a faster look at a house that focuses on significant issues and no report is created.  

What does this service include? Review of all the major systems with focus on significant issues, such as:  roof condition, structural issues, basement dampness, aluminum wiring, knob and tube wiring, galvanized steel plumbing, vermiculite, attic ventilation issues, plumbing leaks.

How are findings summarized? The home owner receives a handwritten summary of any significant items.  The summary also includes ages of the various systems (furnace, a/c, etc…) along with typical lifespan so you know if there are any older systems present.

How long does this take? The consultation will take somewhere in the 1+ hour range depending on size and age of home.

Do you use thermal imaging (infrared)? Yes, basic thermal imaging is included.  Click to learn more about thermal imaging.



$399 and up (increases with size and age)


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